09 December

Steps to make a successful Newsletter


Do you want a creative way of raising awareness for your products or services and promoting your projects? Are you willing to make your clients have a better and more personalized experience when it comes to being kept updated for your offers? Then we will provide you the key points on how to make a successful Newsletter!

Get to know your audience

Newsletters are not only helpful for your clients in order to have a more customized experience, but it also helps you to know your audience and to better segment and target them. But how are you going to know them better?

Ask for some demographic features, for example age or sex. If a client is willing to give you his email, one or two more simple questions will be just fine for him to answer, and your targeting will be much more efficient.

Brand name is key

When you compose a Newsletter, make sure that your exact brand name will be shown as the sender's name. People are more willing to open Newsletters that come from a brand which they already know and trust.

The subject of the Newsletter should be kept simple and to the point

The subject is one of the most important things when it comes to getting a good open rate.

It could be something fun! Maybe a question with your customer's name. Just to personalize it a little bit in order to both make your clients feel unique by calling their name and to arouse their imagination!

Use a tricky question, an interesting statement or a call-to-action sentence. For example, “Maria, make yourself a gift” or “Would you let us be your Santa?” or “Santa came earlier”( if you want to promote your late November discounts). In that way, the chances of them opening your email are going to be much higher.


Avoid using words like :

For free
Free of charge
Special discounts / offers
Currency symbols (euro, dollar etc)
Exclamation marks

as all of the above are very likely to lead your email directly into the Spam Folder. Your whole effort for an interesting and approaching Newsletter will be lost. We don't want that, right?


Congratulations! Your clients opened your Newsletter. You're halfway there! Now your goal is to capture your customer's attention even more to achieve your aims. Be creative. It could be a photo, a text, or a combination of those two.

Make sure that your email includes a link that leads directly to your website

And not any page of your website. We want that website page that refers to the subject of your Newsletter. For example, if you own a clothes retail company and you want to offer your customers a special offer on women's clothing, then your Newsletter should have a URL link that leads your customers directly to the women's section of your website. As simple as that!

Don't forget to provide links for your clients to unsubscribe

It is important , and in some countries also mandatory by law, to provide your customers a link at the end of your Newsletter in order for them to unsubscribe, change or update their email preferences.

Extra Tip

Always keep in mind that although your clients have already subscribed to your Newsletter , they won't probably want to receive your offers constantly. So send them when needed and be well targeted.


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