29 December

The importance of remarketing


Have you ever wondered if somebody is stalking you? Are you surprised and super suspicious because the product you saw on that website the other day is now showing up anywhere you’re browsing?
We have good news for you! No creepy guy is watching you. You have just experienced remarketing!

So what is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a part of a digital marketing strategy that helps us connect with already existing clients and visitors who have browsed through your website but have not taken any action, whether this may be subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing something etc. This means that by remarketing, we target people that are already aware of your brand. They have already visited your website and they have probably added something into cart. But the thing is that, for some reason, they did not complete the desired action. Whatever the case may be, you and your remarketing campaign are here to remind those people of the products they forgot or were reluctant to buy!

What makes Remarketing so effective?

The people that have already visited your site should be considered as a different type of target group. The key point is that you are targeting people who have already shown interest in what you have to offer. By remarketing we have the possibility to offer them super personalized ads, depending on what they were looking for. In this way, chances are that the conversion rate will become much higher.

Let’s make up a possible scenario.

Imagine searching for shoes online. You enter a website and accept its cookie policy. Then, you see some red shoes you want to buy. You add them to your cart but, for some reason, you don’t decide to complete the purchase yet. Here comes the remarketing. You are now concerned as a valuable potential buyer. You leave the website and some hours later, the exact red shoes that you added in cart but did not purchase, are now showing up on your Instagram feed! What happened is that the website added you to its ‘’shopper list’’ and delivered you this personalized advertisement. You are being reminded of that beautiful red shoes. Now you are likely to return to the website in order to check them again. You cannot resist. The possibilities are that you are going to proceed into a purchase. This is the magic of remarketing!

How are you going to achieve Remarketing?

Some of the most common ways to achieve remarketing is by using Google AdWords. You can use paid advertisements and target the audience you are trying to reach. Your ads will show up on any relevant websites that are part of the Google Ads Network. This is a great tool to raise brand awareness, act as a reminder and, most important, bring conversions into your website. Some other platforms, like Facebook, also allow remarketing. Such remarketing strategies are also possible on Instagram. As Instagram belongs to Facebook, these two platforms have a great connection when it comes to retargeting people.

What to be aware of

Be aware of your remarketing goals. These goals may be to build brand awareness or increase your sales. While doing a remarketing campaign, you don ́t always have to offer your products on a lower price. Price isn’t always the reason why people don’t buy your products. Maybe something interrupted them. Maybe they have finally reached their bus stop and they forgot to complete the purchase or they just wanted to think about it a little bit more, just to be sure they actually wanted the product. There could be many reasons. By constantly providing discounts for your products , you underestimate them and their quality. Also, you should be aware of how much time will your remarketing campaign last, who is it going to target and where is it going to be projected.

Earn more conversions and increase your revenues by creating your remarketing campaign now!


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