27 January

Amazon Go


Amazon’s future grocery store.

How would you feel about visiting a store smaller than a big supermarket, but easier to shop in?
Amazon is planning on building a physical retail store called “Amazon Go”. This store doesn’t work as a typical supermarket since it was designed for shoppers using an App in order to automatically add the products they want to buy (such as ready-made food like bread and milk)into the digital shopping cart.

Someone can enter the store just by using the QR code which Amazon App provides and automatically detects when products are taken from shelves, or even when returned. Amazon uses computer vision, sensor fusion, deep learning and “Just Walk Out” technologies in order to create a shopping experience as desired.

After adding the products into the cart, they can leave the shop without waiting in a checkout line; instead, when leaving the shop, amazon automatically charges the client's amazon account.

The application is not public at the moment, only for the employees in a beta program, and will go live in the early 2017. The first amazon Go store is located in Seattle.

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