06 February

The importance of an integrated digital marketing plan for your website


It is a common secret that digital marketing is not the future, it’s not tomorrow, it’s now and it’s happening as you read this article. Most of the WWW sites have less than 10 visitors per day and if you take into account that an average conversion rate of visitor to client is between 2% and 3% do the math and there is no reason to have a website.

Building a website is like building a new store or an extra office and you need to be there for your clients when they need your help but first and most important step is to find these clients.

Let’s think of a shoes store that builds a new premises in the top of a mountain. This guy has exactly the same possibilities to find new customers with someone who builds a new website and does not combine it with a digital marketing plan. Even if a customer shows up on top of the mountain, its quite possible that he won’t need any of your products at that moment.

I hope that this comparison will help you start to understand at some level the importance of a digital marketing plan for your website. Now, I will make it even easier as I get deeper into it.

The moments of truth.

With traditional Marketing, there were two important moments of interaction of client and the product. These moments are called "moments of truth".

Whenever we want to buy a product or a service, we are triggered by an event. This may be an ad we saw on TV or seeing someone wearing a nice jacket. This event leads to the first moment of truth; when someone sees a product for the first time and he wants to buy it. Think of the following example. You want to buy a pack of cookies, you go to the groceries store, you see several packs and variations of products and you select the one that you feel will taste better for you. This was the first moment of truth, the moment you interacted for the first time with the product and it convinced you to buy it or not.

The second moment of truth is the one you have with the product after you buy it and you start to use it or consume it. It’s the experience you have with it. It’s the tastes that leaves on you after you use it.

All these were happening until the internet became a huge marketplace of information about everything and everyone.

Thus, digital marketers have defined the zero moment of truth, which is the moment after the triggering event. It is the moment you search for a product or a service on Google, you read an email, you look for something on facebook, instagram or pinterest.

Let’s face it, there is not chance that you are going to buy a service or a product in this time and age without doing some online research prior to deciding.

It is, as this time when a website should appear. It’s not necessary to have the cheapest or the best product, what is the most important thing is to be present when your potential clients have a need. You need to be on Google, on social media, on newsletter and in every corner of the web where your client might be when he has the need to buy one of the products or services you offer.

This is the reason why, Web Flow builds integrated digital marketing campaigns for our clients, in order for them, to attract new customers through the right medium at the right time.

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