04 January

Redesigning your Corporate Identity


Corporate identity is the most essential part of the business, since it represents the brand itself.

Over the past few years, a lot of businesses have decided to rebrand their logo for many reasons. Most importantly, businesses redesign their logo in order to increase awareness to the public.

Rebranding is the riskiest task for a company since, they cannot be assured whether the new logo will succeed or not.
Redesigning your corporate identity is not always a good idea. This is because you have loyal customers that already recognize your brand, which means that if you make a dramatic change to the logo, you risk not everyone accepting it as happily as you would have thought they would.

However, it’s always a good idea to refresh your appearance. Since everything is changing you should keep up with the trends in order to be modernized or updated. Thus, make your logo look modern.

Think of what your aim is with regards to your logo and just request for ideas at info@webflow.gr and we will keep your logo always updated.

Here are some notable companies showing their logo before and after their rebranding.

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