07 September

How to Write a SEO Friendly Article


Everyone who is on the Internet even if you have an e-shop or a simple blog or website wants to increase his web presence. A good and helpful way to succeed this is by creating an innovative blog with original content and ideas.
But apart from the content, we should also consider the SEO factor. If we want our articles to receive many views thus remaining high on search engine results, we should make them SEO friendly!

Here are 5 tips to create SEO friendly articles!

TIP 1: Find out what users are looking for
Before you start writing your article you should first research and take into account the most popular keywords that users use. You can research his with KeywordPlanner, a free Google Adwords Tool, which will help you organise your article-campaign with the most popular keywords. You had better write them down and then you can choose which one suits your article better.

TIP 2: Choose the right keywords
It is really important to remember that an article with valuable content but using the wrong keywords will never be able to reach the Top of Google searches.
So, for each keyword you choose you should research further in order to evaluate the effectiveness of each keyword and finally make the correct choice for your article and boost its SEO effectiveness.

TIP 3: Choose the right keywords
A SEO ready article should include the following tips:

The title of the page should contain the most popular keyword you have chosen
The meta description of the page should contain the keyword (140-150 characters)
The URL of the page should contain the keyword (40 characters)
300 words is the minimum for an article
The keyword should be stated in the first paragraph, especially in the first 10 words of your article.
The images embedded in a SEO friendly article should include alt tags and title tags with the keyword.
The keyword should be indicated in heading title tag and written in strong html tag.

TIP 4: Pay attention to your content
Valuable content is very important to your blog. You should add new ideas for the online community and avoid writing again about issues and topics which have been already been covered. Your goal is to capture your user's attention. Also, interesting content should be combined with a nice appearance. You need to organise your content into small paragraphs and sections with titles and use simple words using the second person, so your article can easily be read and understood.

TIP 5: Promote your SEO friendly article in social media
A good article is not successful if your post it only on your blog, especially when everyone knows the power of social media!
You can post it on your company's Facebook page with images and videos to make it more fun or even on Twitter and Instagram in order to attract more impressions. You can also choose which is the best time of day to post in order to reach a large audience online.

Concluding, a SEO friendly article needs more time to prepare and required even more attention from the author but it will definitely benefit your company.

So, start your research for the most popular keywords, organise your content and promote your company with a SEO friendly article!

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