06 June

Digital Body Language


Nowadays technology rules the world and makes it go faster. It simplifies our life while everything is done by using a computer or even a mobile! Online shopping has been increased the recent years but it has also increased a problem to traditional salesmen.

For example, imagine you are a salesman in a traditional shop, you can interact face to face with the clients all day long and understand if they are happy or disappointed with a product or if it seems too expensive for them. You can even understand what they are not telling you, by their body language. Now let’s come back to an e-shop where there are also clients who browse your products, spend time on your page and finally buy or give up.

How can you measure these clients body language while you are standing behind a computer and waiting for their interaction?
By using the right tools and paying attention to the right things you can definitely read their digital body language!

What is digital body language?

Digital Body Language is a combination of all the digital activity you see from a person.  For example, through tracking how a user behaves or interacts on a page, you can assume how he is feeling. You can extract that data from clicks, from the emails that are opened or clicked, time on a page, page scrolls, and more. In fact, your customers are telling you everything you need to know with their nonverbal online activity.

Here are some helpful tips in order to understand your client’s body language

By using google analytics you can collect a bunch of information such as the connection between your website visits, visitors and page views.

  • • Visits represent the number of times your website was visited.
  • • Page views represent the total number of pages that visitors looked at on your website.
  • • Visitors represent the number of actual people that visited our site.


For example:
If you visit Webflow.gr today and look at our home page, portfolio and blog, that would count as one visit and three page views.

If you return to Webflow.gr in one week and look at the same pages, that will count as one more visit and three more pages. But it will only count as one visitor since you will be the same person visiting twice.

If another person visits Webflow.gr and look at our home page, portfolio and blog, that will count as one visit, one visitor and three page views.

In fact, you want each visitor to look as many pages as possible on your website and gain new visitors.

  • • Google has a benchmarking service that allows you to compare your site’s visit to similar sites.
  • • If you subtract the number of visitors from the number of visits , you get the number of your repeat visitors.


Email marketing is one of the most popular digital strategies! 
The e-mail open rate is a measure that indicates of how many people open your e-mails. By dividing the number of e-mail messages that have been opened of e-mail messages that have been sent you get the number that ignored your message.

How can you improve the e-mail open rate?

Your subject line should describe the subject of your e-mail. If your e-mail is a newsletter put the name and issue of the newsletter in your subject line. If your e-mail is a promotion, say the same in the subject line.
When it comes to e-mail marketing the best subject line tells you what’s inside the mail and the worst subject line sells what’s inside.

Social media is a powerful tool that can create relationships between customers and brands. The more a brand can encourage its audience to interact and engage with them in social media the more they grow. Allowing people to become a part of a brand’s story gives them more reason to create and share content.
Social media engagement is about how we use networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Check out the number of your followers, your likes and comments you get and improve your engagement.

How can you improve your engagement?

Facebook ///  

Create a content worth to be shared with a video, picture or a smart text
Include a -call to action- to your post such as inviting people to comment
Use Facebook live regularly

Twitter /// 

Use #hashtags
Hashtags have four different uses:
1. They make the way of writing modern, 2. It’s a short way to write, 3. It’s an organized way of writing, 4. They are helpful tools for Search Engine Optimization

Send one to four tweets per day
Share images and ask for retweets

Instagram ///  

Post regularly -one post per day is enough.
Post when your followers are online.
Use #hashtags
Identify which trending hashtags are attracting the most attention and use them
Interact with your followers

All the data you collect from your clients at the point of sale leads you to plan another strategy which will make them buy more. A campaign with products commonly purchased with what they bought may be a good idea. So, the journey doesn’t stop here while you have to think how to remain unique for your clients in order to trust you again.

Remember! Use the right tools and read your client’s digital body language! Stay connected with them, analyze every feedback you get and be creative!!!

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